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VCS Online Learning

VCS Online Learning 



Valdosta City Schools is committed to providing our students opportunities to take online courses. While Georgia does not require an online course to graduate, our district is exploring a variety of options for providing more online learning opportunities for students. Recent legislation passed in Georgia requires school districts to make parents aware of online learning opportunities available within the school district and how to access Georgia’s Online Clearinghouse of online courses and providers, as well as guidelines for high quality online courses.


 Students enrolled in Valdosta City Schools may take an online course, even if the course is offered in our district during the regular school day; however, at this time there are limited options for online courses within Valdosta City Schools. Online courses may be provided through the Georgia Virtual School and/or a partnership with a vendor online school provided within Valdosta City Schools. Requests for online courses will be evaluated on an individual basis and careful consideration will be applied to ensure student success in online learning. The deadline to notify the school for fall enrollment is August 29, 2014, and December 19, 2014 for spring enrollment. Online courses taken in lieu of a course scheduled during the regular school day will be paid for by the school. If an online course is chosen in addition to the regular school day, the parent will be responsible for paying for the course. For more information about online learning options for your child, please contact Danielle White at 229-671-6008 or dwhite@gocats.org.


 The Georgia Online Clearinghouse provides students and parents with information and access to high-quality academic and career-oriented courses, aligned to state and national standards, through a variety of online providers. To access the information found in the clearinghouse go to:


Please be aware online providers listed within Georgia’s Online Clearinghouse are not affiliated nor endorsed by Valdosta City Schools. Tuition fees associated with courses available within Georgia’s Online Clearinghouse will not be paid by Valdosta City Schools. This information is being provided to parents in compliance with HB 175.